What is Tenk Tre?

Tenk Tre directly translates to "Think wood" and is an industry initiative from a number of companies and organizations within the Norwegian forest and wood industry. Together, we want to show how forests and trees can contribute in the fight against climate changes.

For the green shift to succeed, we have to use more wood.


Never before has the world had greater need for sustainable solutions. As temperatures rise, populations grow and our living standards evolve – it is imperative we lower our emissions. Natural resources like petroleum, coal and gas represent the past - renewable resources like wind, water, sun and wood represent a sustainable society. If we are going to leave behind a greener world, we have to replace black carbon with green carbon. We have to use less oil and gas and more wood.

Today, we have three times more forest in Norway compared to 100 years ago. Unlike what’s happening in many of the world’s rainforests, Norway has one of the world’s most sustainable forestry management programs. For each tree we cut down, we plant a new. All these trees capture and store CO2 from the atmosphere. As the trees age, they capture less. They then become ready for a new job - as a renewable resource.

Trees can be used to make so much more than you think! Everything that can be made from petroleum, can also be made from wood - with fewer emissions. Choosing wood-based products and solutions fights climate change in practice. It’s healthy for our climate, both inside and out.

If we are going to achieve the UN’s sustainable climate goals, consumers, businesses and politicians must actively choose renewable resources, such as wood, over non-renewable resources like petroleum and coal. Wood is the future. Not only as a resource, but as a green job creator all over Norway.

In order to achieve the green shift, we are dependent on innovation, growth and value creation in businesses and organizations representing renewable solutions. That’s why Tenk Tre is not only an industry initiative, but a call for people to choose green – a call for people to choose wood.

Want to get in touch with us?

If you have any questions, please contact our project manager Ragnhild Erevik Fosse.